Parks & Recreation
Bird Watcher's Paradise - Our area is widely known for its vast assortment of both east and west birds. Our wildlife management areas are heavily populated with birds such as: Ferruginous Hawk, Swainson Hawk, Turkey Vulture, Pheasant, Sharptailed Grouse, Grey Partridge, Short-eared Owl, Say's Phoebe, Loggerhead Shrike, Spragues Pipit, Eastern and Mountain Blue Birds, Bobolinks, Orchard Orioles, Lark Bunting. We have a wonderful area for wildlife hunters, with an abundance of White Tailed Deer. There have been increasing sightings of moose and occasionally even a black bear. 
Eunola School - A one room school-house located ten minutes north of Pierson. Every summer since Pierson held its Centennial Celebration in 1991, a picnic is held at the school on the grounds outside the building. There are games and entertainment, and lots of visiting as families gather together with their basket lunches, and a bonfire/wiener roast in the evening. The school and grounds are kept up by the longtime residents of the Eunola area, some of which went to school there as children. Take a little trip back in time to Eunola School!
Boundary Trail Heritage Region - The Boundary Trail Heritage Region is a narrow strip of southern Manitoba that extends from the Red River to the Saskatchewan border. In the 1870's, the Boundary Commission went out on this trail to establish the Canada/U.S. border., and then the North West Mounted Police used the trail a year later to trek across Southern Manitoba. The trail began at Emerson, MB and ended at Fort McLeod, AB. It became a popular route for settlers driving their covered wagons and Red River carts on the trail. The trail didn't get much use after the train tracks were laid and a new trail began across the southern prairie. Part of this trail goes through the R.M. of Edward, south of Pierson and north of Lyleton. Some of this trail is still visible in the area in some native pasture land. More information on the Boundary Commission Heritage Region can be found at their website: