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Pierson MB, Est 1891

The Pierson MB Rec-Rejuv committee are currently raising funds to upgrade the park.  

Check out the video to see the plans!  

For more information, click the link for the Pierson MB Rec-Rejuv Facebook page.

Railway Avenue Pierson MB, 2020

Pierson (Google maps) was established in 1891.  It is part of the Municipality of Two Borders, and run by an elected group known as the LUD of Pierson.  

Pierson has a community owned restaurant called The Heritage Restaurant, A Co-op grocery store, a Co-op Agro store with a gas cardlock.  There is a Post Office, a Library, an insurance place, a Thrift Store, a municipal office and a hair salon all on, or just off of Railway Avenue.

Pierson also has a Campground, an arena, and a few playparks.

Click on the link to check out the Community Of Pierson page on Facebook.

For more things to do check out the 'Things to do' section by clicking on the link!

For a more in depth history of Pierson, check out the links to the 2 history books for the RM of Edward, titled: 

Harvests of Time, and Harvests of Time 'The Sequel'.

To check out some local homes of past and present, Our Heritage has some great photos!